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Why Remote Work is here to stay post the Pandemic!

COVID-19 changed the way most companies work. Employees went from their boring office cubicles to working from their favourite spot — our employees like to work from the Mountains :)

The transition from offices to homes/working from anywhere was sudden and it took time in the beginning. But, after almost 18 months in the pandemic companies and employees understand that WFH is easy, scalable and here to stay.

Why companies might continue remote work.

1. Access to top talent from anywhere!

When you go remote, you can build high performing teams across the globe/world. Hiring the best isn’t always possible, due to compliance and visa issues. But, with remote work companies are able to attract and hire the best talent.

2. Build diversity

Remote work is helping companies build diverse teams. Diversified teams usually are more creative and offer different perspectives. Diversity helps companies create global impact, this helps in creating a brand reputation/recall.

3. No Commute

On an average people in the UK spend about 98 minutes a day commuting to work. Cities are expanding and commuting is more challenging than ever.

Most of the employees feel commuting to work is the biggest hassle and remote work is saving time, energy and money.

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4. Productivity

A recent survey found out, remote work is 17% more productive than working from office. There are no distractions, no constant interventions and employees can work on their own time and space.

5. Costs

Who doesn’t fancy a healthy bottomline?

Building global teams has direct impacts on the costs. Its cost effective for companies to hire top talent at 30% less from countries like India, Philippines, Indonesia without compromising on the quality.

Additionally, companies save on rents and other day to day operational expenses.

Are you still thinking of getting back to office post the pandemic? Think about it again!

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