Setting Up Your Workplace at Home for Success: A blog around office setups in the home.

Are you still working from your couch or bed? It’s time to think about upgrading your home office workspace — because companies and employers believe work from home is the way!

Even though the entire world is working from home for more than a year, most of us don’t have dedicated spaces for personal and professional life. A recent report from Steelcase found that 36% of workers lack a place free from distraction, 28% do not have a physically comfortable workspace, and 9% use their bed.

Today, let’s look at different ways to set up your workspace at home for success.

The Basics:

Let’s start with a place. Find a place which suits your needs and environment. We recommend a place with ample sunlight, ventilation, clutter free and away from your couch or bed.

Choose what’s important to you:

  1. Do you want it to be quiet or okay with a couple of distractions?
  2. Do you want it to be a closed space or open?
  3. Do you want a separate desk or a common desk to share it with your wife or family?

We recommend you make a list of things you like and things you need for your work before going to the next step.

The Setup:

Once you finalise it on the basics and a place, start setting up your home office. We recommend you to have a movable setup, so that in future if you feel like changing the setup you can easily do it. This is really important, because you will spend a lot of time here!

Invest in a good ergonomic chair and a table so that you don’t develop any posture complications. Most of the companies are helping employees to set up their home offices by providing incentives. If budget is a constraint, start small and gradually set up your dream home office.

Look Outside:

With vaccination, most of the countries are opening up for their citizens. Find a local coffee shop or a coworking space and see if you’re comfortable working from there. However, we recommend you to spend most of your time from your home office. Coffee shops or coworking spaces can be used when you want a change of place or mood.

Additionally, have a good internet connection and set up communication tools to improve your productivity. Take breaks often to reduce screen time and move around.

And finally, it’s your home office. Set it up the way you want, based on space availability, budget or how creative you are! Experiment till you find the right place for you.

Let us know what you think about it. We would love to hear your thoughts.

We at RemoteStar provide our employees upto 1000 USD for our employees to set up their home offices.

We help companies hire and build high performing remote teams that actually work!