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Something the past 18months has shown us is that we don’t want to and shouldn’t take anyone or anything for granted. We have missed our loved ones dearly due to lockdowns and travel restrictions, had cancelled or changed major events that are important to all of us, and, for far too many, lost people we care about. This has forced us all to reflect on what is important to us and, for so many, that means our families!

For many, they have had to balance the needs of their families in many ways while…

Mindfulness seems to be the lingo today and everyone would agree that it does add a lot of positive value to many aspects of our lives. It is also not surprising that the practice of mindfulness is not new to our century and has its roots in ancient Buddhism.

However, on closer inspection, we realize that mindfulness is not a simple set of rules laid out, but they can be multiple distinct ideas that all break down to living a more “conscious” lifestyle. Furthermore, we realize that work is an important part of our lifestyle. Work occupies a good chunk…

One of the worries that people have about working remotely is that it won’t be as simple or easy to grow your career. Many are concerned that being away from their leader, away from their team and other valuable resources will mean that some opportunities to learn and grow won’t be there.

We know that it may seem daunting but here are some tips on how you can skillfully grow your career and even develop more as a remote worker.

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  1. Take your own Initiative & be curious

What interests you? What is on your bucket…

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Remote Working has become one the most commonly heard terms in business these days. The pandemic has shown that It gives the flexibility and agility which many employees have been looking for so long.

Some of the biggest advantages include: Reduction in commute times, saving on commuting expenses (car insurance, gas, Uber, etc.), and minimizing the hassle and costs of renting/owning places to live in urban centers.

It certainly has given much more time and freedom to plan and schedule one’s day as per their choice.

Here at RemoteStar, we promote and support remote working environments. With…

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Let’s start off by saying that Remote Working is not the same as working from home during a pandemic. This needs to be clear. Working from home during pandemic is always going to be harder for even the most experienced remote worker. It is more challenging to deal with mentally, physically, emotionally and cannot be considered a truly honest remote working experience.

Remote working can have a lot of benefits (which we at RemoteStar talk about regularly) but it isn’t for everyone. …

Are you still working from your couch or bed? It’s time to think about upgrading your home office workspace — because companies and employers believe work from home is the way!

Even though the entire world is working from home for more than a year, most of us don’t have dedicated spaces for personal and professional life. A recent report from Steelcase found that 36% of workers lack a place free from distraction, 28% do not have a physically comfortable workspace, and 9% use their bed.

Today, let’s look at different ways to set up your workspace at home for…

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COVID-19 changed the way most companies work. Employees went from their boring office cubicles to working from their favourite spot — our employees like to work from the Mountains :)

The transition from offices to homes/working from anywhere was sudden and it took time in the beginning. But, after almost 18 months in the pandemic companies and employees understand that WFH is easy, scalable and here to stay.

Why companies might continue remote work.

1. Access to top talent from anywhere!

When you go remote, you can build high performing teams across the globe/world. Hiring the best isn’t always possible, due to compliance and visa issues. …


We help companies hire and build high performing remote teams that actually work!

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